Ultarasonically Clean

At Pleasanton Shutters & Shades, we provide professional cleaning of any type window treatments, including but not limited to Hunter Douglas and other other premier brand products.

We serve customers from the smallest dwelling to the largest corporate office.  Regardless the size of the job, our customers can rest assured their window coverings will be handled with meticulous care by our trained technicians. Even if you feel that your window coverings are too dirty to clean or beyond the possibility of being repaired, just give us a call!   We are sure that you will be happily surprised on how we will make your window covering look, smell, and feel great! 


Cleaning Process

Most blinds can be cleaned Ultra-Sonically at our Pleasanton facility using high frequency sound waves (Ultrasound) conducted through a water based solution creating millions of bubbles that implode which literally vibrate your blinds clean (Like a small table top jewelry cleaner) except our machine is over 8 feet long to accommodate the largest of shades.  

The next step is to place them into a mineral free rinse tank so that there is no spotting when we hang them to dry.


Our Technology

Ultrasound was invented during WWII and is widely used today for many things such as medical imaging, light lens cleaning, and of course, blind and shade cleaning.

Pleasanton Shutters & Shades Blind Cleaning uses the latest technology to ensure that your blinds are returned to you clean and fresh. To achieve this our ultrasonic technology releases millions of tiny bubbles which dislodge any dirt or dust that may have built up over the years.  And it does an amazing job – just ask our customers.


Pick Up & Delivery

We provide a full, same day service in which our courteous reliable staff will take down your blinds in the morning, clean and or repair them, and return and re-install that same afternoon.

Bring them to us!  We welcome walk-ins and if you bring blinds to us in the morning we will have them ready for you that same day too!



Same Day Service

Give us a call or contact us below. Our friendly staff will get right back to you

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